EHG team is devoted to elevate the revenue generation targeting all market segmnets, using accurate pricing strategy and escalating the service to the conventional customers at the right time.


A hotels performance is not only evaluated by the revenue it generates but also in how efficiently it converts its revenue to profit.
EHG’s finance team analyze the profit margin to understand the efficiency of the business and uses the right pricing strategy to make sure the profit conversion ratio is increased by smartly controlling and managing inventory ,controlling utility ,reducing wastage etc.


EHG's key agenda is to minimize cogs i.e reducing the direct expenditure by supplier negotiations ,substituting cost efficient materials wherever possible,leverage suppliers etc


EHG's understands the importance of increasing the net revenue to have a sustainable growth in the current market comp set.
The focus is not only in controlling cogs but also in mitigating price reductions ,adjustments and refunds in line with gaap and iasb accounting rules


EHG's offers efficient and professional strategies in controlling the overall overhead expenditure by sharing the marketing expenditure ,reducing indirect expenditure which has a direct impact on operational profitability.


EHG's finance team offers accurate operating financial cash flow identifying the opening and closing financial status of the hotel to take smart decisions for running the operating activities efficiently.


EHG's finance team constantly keeps a grasp on the hotels liquidity risk, the financial team monitor the liquidity ratio – i.e comparing their most liquid assets (those that can be converted into cash easily and quickly), with short term liabilities, or near-term debt obligations.


Ebtida is a profitability calculation that measures how profitable a company is before paying interest to creditors, taxes to the government, and taking paper expenses like depreciation and amortization.ehg is committed in increasing ebtida by managing the prices ,managing inventories,sell the customers the value of products and services,reducing cost and increasing the earnings.


Continuos evaluation on return on investments are performed by ehg on all investments to understand if the hotel has made profit or loss in a fiscal period based on which the rates can be increased without increasing the cost to have a higher returns.


An evaluation of the roce(return on capital employed) is conducted by ehg which helps investors see through growth forecasts and measuring corporate performance.