Grow topline hotel revenue

Capture the total demand by having a seamless Sales and Marketing Strategy.
Stay ahead in the game by tapping the business before the competitors.
Growing/Adding sales channels online and offline.
Being innovative by using predictive analytics (D360, STR, OTA Insight, OneYield etc.)

Strategic positioning of the hotel

Positioning in terms of luxury, upper upscale, budget.
Identify the right price point and match it with product and services.
Understand customer sentiments & focusing on guest feedbacks.

Optimize peak demand periods

Sell Premium room categories across segments/channels.
Up-selling by front office and reservations to premium room categories.
Flexible up-selling chart to give more empowerment to the teams.

Grow market share on direct channels

Invest on marketing to drive more traffic to website.
Attractive packages for book direct customers.
Attractive packages for book direct customers.

Optimize right business mix

Examine market segments.
Balance the market segments to have the right mix.
Focus on the segments that have the highest profitability.

Enhance profitability

Manage cost of sales.
Limit discounting.
Always think of the bottom line .